Wooden Outdoor Chicken Coop

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Product Details

  • DURABLE - Good quality Fir wood suits for your raising rabbits, or other small animals. The chicken coop has a expansive living area with the heavy-duty wire could prevent from being invaded by other animals and stop your pets ruining your garden.
  • FEATURES - The hutch with two easy access doors for each cage open any door for your pets.
  • DESIGNED - with your pet in mind, the corner enclosed area is designed for privacy and rest while the extra-large run offers a more open style built for play.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR ANIMAL - Enclosed run surround by durable metal mesh and durable wood. The top could be opened and fixed in a certain angle in which state can allow the chicken fly from the top occasionally.
  • Overall - 68"L x 48"W x 22"H

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