12.5 inch Pet Tortoise House Small Animals Indoor&Outdoor Habitat Hutch





This Tortoise House made from 100% fur wood for long lasting durability. Durable locker  offer privacy and security for your pet. Designed for indoor and outdoor use. Place it outside to provide your pet with sunlight and natural UVB rays, which promote for long-lasting durability. health and shell growth. 

  • Two Area Design
  1. Private" sleeping area 
  2. Public" viewing area where the UV & Heat lamps are able to do their job.
  • Perfect for tortoises, lizards, geckos, and snakes.
  • Also, the top doors latch as well making sure your buddy stays safe
  • Weatherproof sleeping area
  1. When your pal wants some alone time
  2. Lockable wire safety covers with latches to keep him safe
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Acrylic viewing on two sides makes it easier for you to look at your pets at any time.
  • Keep your pet inside with the proper heat and lighting, or let him hang out al fresco to get much-needed sunlight and warm
  • Roof open
  • MATERIAL - 100% Fir-wood
  • Easy to rot from the moist soil and the turtles waste



  • Overall Size: 26.5"L x 36.75"W x 12.5"H
  • Private Room: 26.5"L x 11.5"W x 12.5"H
  • Entrance: 8.5"W x 8"H 
  • Product weight: 25lbs
  • Material: 100% Fir Wood
  • Reptile Type: Tortoise, Lizard, Snake
  • Door to easily access your pets
  • Open roof design gives your pets increased air flow
  • No bottom board design
  • NOTE: Buyer to determine the number of pets that will fit in the hutch depending on breed and size.