Electric Scooter - 36V, 6.0A, Black

SKU: MAG-A51-ES-003-36V6A-BK
Brand: MoNiBloom
  • Product Type: Electric Scooter
  • Color: Black
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Overall Size: (L)33.0" (W)16.5" (H)42.0"
  • Folding Size: (L)42.0" (W)16.5" (H)11.0"
  • Weight: 21.72 lb
  • Motor Power: 300W
  • Battery Capacity: 36V 6.0AH
  • Tires: 6.8" Solid Tire
  • Certification: UL; IEC62133; RoHS

  • Mechanical Performance

  • Top Speed: Maximum 19MPH (Default)
  • Range: Maximum 14 Miles (Depending on various conditions, driving styles, and traffic.)
  • Fast Charging: Est.4 Hours (Come with fast charge adapter)
  • Dual Braking System: The advanced regenerative brake not only provided strong stopping power but also recycled the recovered energy. The rear foot brake can help to stop the scooter while it's driving slowly.
  • Energy Recycle System: Regenerative braking is an energy recovery mechanism that slows down a moving scooter by converting its kinetic energy into electronic form that can be either used immediately or stored until needed.
  • Rear Brake Light: Linkage of the foot brake and rear light protects the rider at the emergency braking from the rear crash.

  • Smart APP Features

  • IOS/Android Available: All of your scooter's information will be shown on the dashboard, the UI language is depending on the default language of your phone system.
  • Keyless Operating: Remote to start or lock the scooter by your smartphone via Bluetooth connection.
  • Recording Your Trip: Click "Start Riding" on the APP, your track will be shown on the map of your smartphone. You can record the miles and speed of the trip.
  • Cruise Mode: Ture on the "Cruise Mode", press and hold on the accelerator few seconds, the scooter will route even if you release the accelerator until you press it again.
  • 3 Speed Modes Switching: Built-in 3 speed modes of ECO, Standard, and Sport. Each mode with a different top speed which to adapt to various traffic conditions.
  • Professional Tuning Options: ONLY FOR SENIOR SCOOTER USERS. Providing 2 advanced tuning options for braking sensitivity and accelerator sensitivity. You can tune your scooter personally to the most comfortable condition.
  • Firmware Update Support: All of the scooters get lifetime technical support. When the latest firmware is released, you can update your scooter from your smartphone via Bluetooth connection.