Wooden Small Animal Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch Bunny House Gage with 2 Removable Tray

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Product Details

This pet house features sturdy wood siding to offer privacy and security for your pet. This product is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Place it outside to provide your pet with sunlight and natural UVB rays, which promote good health and growth.

  • Providing a comfortable living environment for your animals requires regular maintenance of their living space. We’ve made this chicken coop easy to clean, as it is built with 2 removable bottom sliding tray for easy access to droppings.
  • You will easily be able to access any part of this chicken coop, as it is designed with two doors with a metal locking system and an open/close nesting box.
  • Our Wooden Rabbit Coop is enclosed with a sturdy metal wire fencing to promote a healthy poultry lifestyle. While this fencing is vital to the ventilation of this chicken coop, it will also protect your animals from outside predators.
  • With 2 removable trays, keep the hutch clan and tidy to save cleaning time.
  • Product Type: Hutch
  • Material: 100% Fir wood
  • 2 Removable trays
  • 2 Door design
  • Overall Dimension: 21"L x 31.5"W x 25.5"H
  • Private Room : 17.5"L x 12"W
  • Cage Room: 17.5"L x 31"
  • Fit two 4 lbs adult rabbit in the run
  • Assembly Required

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