Wall Mounted Floating 80" TV Stand with 20 Color LEDs BH33115873 BH33128008

$309.80 $435.90


Product Details

  1. Floating TV Stands good for up to 80" TV, Floating Entertainment Center Walls, Wall Mount TV Stands, Wall Mounted Media Consoles & Hanging TV Consoles
  2. Push-click door opening system with two separate storage compartments inside
  3. Modern and unique design. Easy to install with pins and eccentric type connections
  4. Ready to assemble with easy to follow instruction manual.
  5. High gloss fronts with matt body - available in different color variations
  6. Size: 70.9"W x 16.5"D x 11.8"H 
  7. Product Weight: 63 lbs
  8. Load-bearing: 110 lbs

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