12.17 / 15.5 FT Multi Purpose Aluminum Ladder Step Scaffold Ladder Extendable Platform



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The 12.17 or 15.5 ft. aluminum multi purpose ladder offer exceptional versatility in an easy to transport style. It can be used as a telescoping ladder, twin step ladder, stairway stepladder, work platform and as two scaffold bases. Feature- multi-purpose ladders- certificated to ce and European safety standard en131.
  • European safety standard en131.Smooth multi-position operating hinges, automatic safety locks and stabilizer bars
  • The ladder can be adjusted into 4 different positions
  • The well-constructed ladder can withstand the maximum weight of 330lbs/150kg
  • Ideal for changing light bulbs, cleaning windows, interior and exterior painting, and other tasks that requires reaching high places
  • Type: Ladder
  • Specific Use: Single Ladder, Double Sided Ladder, Work Platform, Stair Ladder etc.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • 1.2mm Thickness Of Tube

12.17 FT Ladder:

  • Open Height: 12.17FT (146 in)
  • A-Type Ladder Height: 6FT (71.7 in)
  • Scaffold Height: 3.8FT (41.7 in)
  • Step Height: 11 in
  • Rung No: 4 Folds x 3 Rungs; Total Of Rung: 12
  • Folded dimensions: 41"(L) x 14.8"(W) x 10.6" (D)
  • Product Weight: 21 lb
  • Maximum Capacity: 330 lb

15.5 FT Ladder:

  • Open Height: 15.5FT (185.8 in)
  • A-Type Ladder Height: 7.55FT (90.6 in)
  • Scaffold Height: 4.23FT (50.8 in)
  • Step Height: 11 in
  • Rung No: 4 Folds x 4 Rungs; Total Of Rung: 16
  • Folded dimensions: 50.6"(L) x 14.8"(W) x 10.6" (D)
  • Product Weight: 27 lb
  • Maximum Capacity: 330 lb

Package Included:  Multi-Purpose Aluminum Folding Ladder x1; Platform Plate x2


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