Global LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror, 24" x 32", BH63728042

$199.99 $279.98


Product Details

  1. The large defogging area can still provide a high-definition clear fog-free mirror. 
  2. 19W LED light strip is up to 1710LM for more efficient energy-saving and higher brightness.
  3. Single touch button with light switch, brightness adjustment and defogging simplify the mirror space and highlight technology. The smart IC chip brings the ultimate control experience.
  4. The power-off memory function enables the mirror to be compatible with wall switches and touch switches to accommodate more control options.
  5. Built-in stepless brightness adjustment function makes you freely choose the desired brightness to get your own lighting experience.
  6. 72W drive makes it operate in light load mode to effectively extend product life.
  7. Protect safety experience by using high-precision glass edging machine to polish the 8 corners of the single glass into 16 obtuse angles of 135°.
  8. Eliminate using harmful lead-containing paints but select high-quality environmentally friendly mirrors to create a safer product with stronger oxidation and corrosion resistance.
  9. Load-bearing test - 4 times the load-bearing test to ensure safety.
  10. Installation - More convenient and safer by using the latest Z-bar to avoid shaking and falling off.
  11. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally to accommodate different site and create unexpected effects by combining multiple mirrors.



  • Mirror size - 24"W x 32"H, Thickness 1.5"
  • Display weight: 16.5 lbs
  • Defogging Area: 7.9" × 11.8"
  • Easy to clean - Its surface can be simply wiped with a moistened towel.
  • Three-core hardwiring - Hardwiring with ground wire ensures effective grounding.
  • ETL complete machine certification - With ETL complete machine certification
  • 5000K color temperature - White light which resembles sunlight presents a more realistic and refined makeup.

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