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X-MAG Vertical Climber Machine is to burn calories while strengthening and toning muscles. By Using your own body weight as resistance, it gives a great cadio and strength training workout without putting stress on the lower joints of your body, helping you sculpt lean, sexy legs, rock-hard abs and strong triceps and biceps.

  • X-MAG vertical climber is for body fitness, imitation of natural climbing movement, optimizing your efforts in the shortest time, one hour a day makes fat away
  • Ergonomically designed for all body types, imitates the body's natural movement of climbing, give you an intense workout from head to toe with no added stress on the lower joints of the body
  • About 30 minutes/time, 1-2 times /day. It equals to 4.5 hours running, 90 minutes of free swimming, 3 weeks of diet.
  • Type: Step Machine
  • Features: Climber Machine
  • Overall Dimension: 26.8" x 37.8" x 78.7"
  • Fold Dimension: 26.8" x 11.8" x 70.9"
  • Weight Capacity: 280 lb
  • Assembly Required


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