3 Pack 4.0L Cereal Nut Food Airtight Watertight Dispenser Storage Keeper Container



Product Details

The food keeper storage container to help make the most of your pantry space. These versatile products create easy access to cereals and snacks, and their opaque bases provide clear identification of contents at a glance. The containers seal tightly for lasting freshness and can be stacked side-by-side or on top of each other to keep your kitchen cupboard organized
  • Airtight seal keep out moisture, humidity and pests
  • Container lids feature a flip-top spout that stays open when pouring and closes tightly to keep food fresh
  • Modular design saves space and keeps pantries organized and Eco-Friendly
  • QTY: 3 PCs (Pink, Blue, Green) Dimension: 9.5"L x 9"H x 3.5"W
  • Size: 4.0 Liter = 135.3 Oz = 16.91 Cup Each


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